Monika’s Doggie Rescue // Doggie Rescue

CGI, Retouching

Monika’s Doggie Rescue // Doggie Rescue

Monika’s Doggie Rescue// Doggie Rescue

Role: CGI, Retouching
Company: M&C Saatchi
Client: Monika’s Doggie Rescue
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Photographer: Gary Sheppard
(Hands and dogs)

To emphasise the headline “Rescue a dog and it’ll do the same for you” we created 2 landscapes populated with items that symbolise unhealthy living in order to promote the positive impact a dog can have on peoples lives.

I created the landscape geometry, populated it with both the TVs and Couches, and then developed the composition, lighting and textures. Once rendered, I combined the photographic elements and then gave each a complimenting grade.


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